The choreographic proposal of Pezzo 0 (due) is attention paid to the subtile, the

minute, the listening more than to a will of expressing something. I like to consider the

surface of the skin as scenic space. The skin, border zone, limit, interface, point zero.

Zero as a hinge between plus and minus, before and after. Where right becomes left

and left right. Zero as void, absence and presence.

The body does not draw trajectories in space, but does become the place where forms

and movements relate or fall apart, the place where the various paths to follow or linger

on are found.

Pezzo 0 (due) is related to my work with Laurent Goldring, an artist who has filmed

portraits of the body and with whom I share a special attention to the quality of body

presence, and an attitude to not do but take away so as to allow to rise.