Climate change, social and economic emergencies challenge my personal and political thoughts
and actions.

My work as a dancer and choreographer is by its nature experiential, sensory, and interactive. I
am passionate about researching new eco-responsible materials derived from living cultures such
as mushrooms, algae and plants.

The title comes from the name that American botanists in the 1950s gave to the empty space
between the foliage of trees of the same species.

In this project, the term shyness evokes a non-voluntary temporality of my gestures and a
momentary reversal of my state. By confusing my skin with that of the kombucha, I try to listen to
the often invisible cohabitation with other existing than human.
In the 1990’s I started drinking Kombucha to strengthen my immune system. More recently,
thanks to the advice of Vivien Roussel from the Thr34d5@medialab collective, I was able to grow
large surfaces of it.

Also called Scoby (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast) Kombucha is a living organism that
requires care, confidence in the fermentation process and a joyful conviction.
Its characteristics, such as weight, smell, fluidity, softness of surface and color echo my own skin.
My intention is to interact with this skin in a dialogue that awakens sensations, produces
metamorphoses, reveals a tactile body in which center and periphery, surface and depth, torso
and limbs are not distinct, but compose a global movement.
It is a way, at the same time different and similar, to pursue my research on the skin as a possible
place of thought.

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