E|Ma was born from a research residency at Kujoyama Villa in Japan on the Ma – experience
of emptiness and silence between things and beings, in the manner of breathing. The time –
space of E|Ma is structured by the dancers and the digital device made of polyhedrons,
known as Dürer’s, provided with behaviors. The stage becomes a microcosms that refers to
the contemporary world and the interaction between the dancer and the polyhedron, a mean
to model a man’s vison and her/his environment in a holistic perspective.
The polyhedron, controlled by digital algorithms, interacts with the dancer’s flesh and instinct.

In this work, we seek to develop a fresh approach to technology, not as a source of innovation but rather of dis-novation. We wish to understand the “why” and the “for whom” new technologies are serving. Here the relation between dance and technology is not about the virtual, but instead is driven by a physical connection between the robotic objects and the dancers body. They create together a unique space-time.

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